Mission & Values

We are growing a family that practices the way of Jesus

In the process we pray God accomplishes three big goals through our church.

Make Disciples

Plant Churches

Renew Clinton

As we pursue our mission
we make it our aim to demonstrate…

Gospel Celebration

We are good news people. In all that we believe, say, and do we aim to keep the Gospel of Jesus central. Since this is the best news ever we celebrate the Gospel above everything else and we make it our aim to cultivate a culture of celebration as an act of worship.

Table Hospitality

Just as Jesus came eating and drinking, seeking to save the lost, we too believe the meal table is a powerful way to be on mission and a beautiful picture of reconciliation. 

Patient Spirituality

In solidarity with the people of God throughout redemptive history we wait. We wait and trust that God will bring the spiritual growth. Clinton was not built in a day. Neither will this local church. In quietness and in trust we place our faith in the steadfast love of the Lord. And we labor in the often unseen, ordinary, long suffering love of Jesus.  

Local Renewal

We wholeheartedly believe that Jesus is actively reconciling the world to himself through the local church. And so we seek the flourishing of Clinton and labor for Christ’s Kingdom to come in Clinton as it is in heaven.